Meet Our People - Scott, Director, Supervision

My role is a director, supervision, and I also serve as a relationship manager for four BC credit unions.

My main responsibility is to develop and assess the risk profile for each institution and based on that profile, recommend the appropriate regulatory response. Ultimately my goal is to ensure the stability of financial institutions in order to protect depositors.

How long have you been with FICOM?

Since 2006.

What is your education and background?

I graduated from University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce. I did my first co-op assignment in an accounting position and later did two back-to-back co-op assignments with FICOM as a junior analyst. I had one semester left at UVic and before I left my co-op, FICOM invited me to contact them once I graduated. I did and they offered me a position as an analyst.

During my co-op assignments I gained an in-depth understanding of how the credit union system works and an appreciation for the importance of FICOM’s roles and responsibilities. I received a lot of training on how to develop an accurate risk profile and how to apply FICOM’s supervisory framework. Whereas in school I learned the principles, at FICOM I learned how to apply the principles and more about the analytical aspects of the job. My plan is to complete a MBA program over the next two years.

What is your career path?

I have been able to advance my career at FICOM, and so far I have progressed four levels (junior analyst, analyst and senior analyst, director and supervisor). I plan to continue to progress and want to compete for future postings that will increase my responsibilities and continue to move my career forward. There are opportunities on every project to gain experience you don’t already have.

What is it about your job at FICOM that you like? 

I enjoy the dynamic work environment and broad scope with which we evaluate institutions. I also have a great supervisor who provides me with flexibility which is important for work-life balance. My position also allows for a significant amount of travel throughout BC, which I enjoy. The most important aspect to me though, is the fact we are safeguarding the savings of British Columbians.

Any advice for others looking to join FICOM or who are starting out in their career?

Be open-minded. Not everything is for everyone, but there is something for everyone. Bottom line is you should try to find that something you like and have fun with it.