Kick-Start Your Career with Your Own Secret Agents

Feature Article (June 2019)

Secret Agent

In the movies, secret agents gather information without anyone knowing about it. Want to know an interesting secret? You can use your own personal Job Search Agents to hear about BC Public Service jobs tailored just for you.

Our Job Search Agent may not be the kind of secret agent you see in the movies, but it’ll let you simplify your job hunt. New job openings are posted daily on the Current Job Postings site. The Job Search Agent is a free tool that notifies you about new job postings that work for you.

Super Secret Agent Tip #1: To create a Job Search Agent, click on +Create Account or login to your existing account on the Job Search page. If you’re a current BC Public Service employee, make sure to log into your current account instead of making a new one. Once you're logged into your account, search for jobs using your chosen criteria.

Looking for a social work position near Surrey? Select the “Social Services” category and pick nearby locations. For example: Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. How about a forestry job near Prince George? Pick “Natural Resource Sector” then choose Prince George and any nearby locations you’re willing to work. Keep in mind that your agent(s) will need at least one current posting per location to get set up, so if there aren’t any available for your chosen location, check back later!

Super Secret Agent Tip #2: Select several locations or categories at once by holding down the “Ctrl” key while clicking on a PC. Use the “Command” key on a Mac.

Your Job Search Agent will automatically search all current BC Public Service job openings. You’ll receive an email with a list of open positions matching your criteria. Magic! Okay, fine, not magic. But some pretty good time-saving technology.

Speaking of time saving, you can set up your Job Search Agent to be on the lookout for you 24/7. Click on the “Save Search as an Agent” button at the bottom of the page, give your Agent a secret name on the next page, then make the Agent active. (Go ahead, use "James Bond" - we won't judge!) Your Job Search Agent is now on duty!

Any time a BC Public Service job that matches your criteria is posted, you’ll receive an email notification. The email will list jobs that meet your Job Search Agent criteria. Click on the link in the email (which may require you to log into your account first).

Super Secret Agent Tip #3: Use the Advanced Search to search by professional association (such as the Association of BC Forestry Professionals), keywords (e.g., Supervisor), ministry, and more. These criteria can be used to set up Job Search Agents, as well.

Manage your Agent (or team of Agents) any time on the Job Search Agent page. You can create, delete, and manually run your Agents any time. For more information about Job Search Agents, including video tutorials, visit the Searching for Opportunities page.

Congratulations! You’re now the proud handler of your very own not-so-secret BC Public Service Job Search Agent. Stay tuned to our newsletter to find out the next hot tip.

Until then, good luck, Agents!