Search for Opportunities

Job Search Agents

A job search agent is an email notification sent to you automatically when a new job has been posted or updated on our website.

After you have created a profile in the Recruitment Management System (RMS), you can create a job search agent, and your notification is based on the criteria you identify there.

Choose from the links listed under Current Job Postings. This will log you into the RMS. Choose My Job Search Agents on the Career Centre page. Click Add New Job Search Agent, enter your search criteria and click Add. You can create multiple job search agents by choosing My Job Search Agents on your RMS Career Centre page, but be sure to name each one so that you know what the alert is (such as Job Search Agent - Administrative).

Review Job Posting & Job Profile

Once you find a job you want to apply for, click on the job title link to view the job duties. Carefully review the job requirements to determine if you have the qualifications for the position.

For more information on the ministry or organization, visit the provincial government ministry and organization listings.

For more information on the job, follow up with the contact name (if there is one) listed in the posting.

Before you apply for a position, create or revise your profile to highlight relevant education and experience that is required in that posted opportunity.

If you are an applicant eligible to apply on internal competitions but do not have an active IDIR ID (for example, employee on maternity or sick leave, auxiliary layoff), you will need to create an external profile or access your existing external profile to apply for job opportunities. Please contact AskMyHR for instructions on how to view current internal competitions.