Learn About Respectful Workplaces

Respectful workplaces don’t just happen—they are built. Training that builds awareness and proactive practices helps create and maintain safe, healthy workplaces.

The Learning Centre, which hosts the learning system, offers a variety courses that support building and maintaining respectful workplaces in the BC Public Service.

Respectful Workplace Resources

  • Building a Respectful Workplace: Gain skills, knowledge and confidence to create and maintain a respectful workplace
  • Discrimination Prevention Workshop: Understand the roles, rights and responsibilities for maintaining a respectful working environment, preventing workplace discrimination and addressing it when it occurs
  • Managing Conflict: Identify the conflict sources and learn how to manage conflict effectively
  • Diversity in the BC Public Service: Understand diversity at work and beyond
  • Fierce Conversations: Create a culture of higher performing teams of trusted feedback

For Supervisors

Know your responsibilities for upholding Standards of Conduct of the BC Public Service.

Labour Relations 101, 201 & 301

Improve your work environment by establishing good labour relations practices. Learn how to enhance workplace relationships by making more effective labour relations decisions. These courses will help you improve consistency when applying government-related legislation/policies and interpreting the collective agreement.

Coaching Approach to Conversations

This workshop explores the fundamentals of the coaching approach to conversations in supervision and in life. Conversations using the coaching approach can leverage the belief in potential and possibility, to achieve unexpected results.

To register for these, and any other courses, visit The Learning Centre.

Additional Learning Resources

No matter where you are in your career, The Learning Centre has training to support you as you build a great workplace. Training includes

  • Getting the Results Without Authority: Completing the Project
  • Health and Well-being: Reducing Stress in the Workplace - for Managers and Supervisors
  • Leading Effective Teams
  • Performance Management: Becoming the Manager of Choice
  • Service Excellence: A Citizen-centred Approach
  • Solving Problems Logically Supervisor Essentials
  • What Good Managers Do: The First 100 Days