Tools & Resources

Get tools to help you facilitate discussions and get resources about respectful workplaces.

Meeting Tools

Sample scenarios & discussion questions

Use these scenarios to generate discussion during your meeting:

True or false challenge

Test knowledge about respectful workplace resources.



Addressing a workplace conflict

For guidance on how to address workplace conflict when an employee approaches you for help, review the information for supervisors in Take Responsible Action: An Informal Conflict Resolution Approach.

Contact a Human Resources Specialist

If you need help determining the best course of action to address a workplace issue or are unclear at any point during the process, contact AskMyHR to speak to a human resources specialist.

Employee health issues at work

Managing Employee Health Issues at Work helps supervisors engage employees who have health conditions that impact their work. Supervisors and employees work with a team of occupational health nurses to identify options that help employees improve the management of their condition. Contact AskMyHR to access this program.

Support for difficult conversations

If you feel unprepared or anxious when meeting with an employee to respond to a dispute

  • Call the People Leader Advice Line at 1 800 655-5004
  • Read Take Responsible Action: An Informal Conflict Resolution Approach

Coaching services

Coaching services is available to all BC Public Service employees at every career level. Coaching sessions are strictly confidential and can be held in person, over the phone or by webcam.

Improving the work environment

There are a variety of tools and services in the BC Public Service to help supervisors maintain a healthy work environment: 

Learning resources

Learning for respectful workplaces is outlined in Learn About Respectful Workplaces. Find out about courses through @Work's Learning in the BC Public Service Government access only

Workplace bullying   

Address Bullying provides information to supervisors and employees.