Before the Meeting

Talking about respectful workplaces requires careful planning. First, determine the intent of your meeting. For example, is it to provide information or is it to stimulate discussion? Understand what you are trying to achieve prior to planning an agenda.

Everyone will have varying levels of knowledge. As the facilitator, you engage employees and provide information where there are gaps. Employees will learn that

  • Behaviours and attitudes affect others
  • Building upon individual strengths and abilities fosters a positive workforce
  • Each individual is unique and has the right to be treated with respect and dignity

To learn more about effective meeting planning and implementation, consider taking courses through the Learning Centre such as

  • Facilitation for Business Results
  • Coaching Approach to Conversations

Decide on a Meeting Format

There is more than one way to facilitate a meeting. Be clear about the goals of your meeting. For example, if the goal is discussion, the meeting will run differently than if the goal is information.


  • Do I have any mobile workers?
  • What teaching style will best suit my staff?
  • Will I need PowerPoint?
  • Should I facilitate through an online meeting?
  • How much time will be required for the meeting?

If you include an on-line meeting component, make sure you have access to the right technology.

Learn more about Lync, Skype for Business and Unified Communications Government access only

Develop an Agenda

If the purpose of your meeting is to provide information, familiarize yourself with the Working with Others section and the services that encourage employees to be proactive. Creating an agenda helps you consider how you want your meeting to flow.

Make your agenda inclusive

  • Develop an agenda with resources that will be meaningful for your team
  • Request agenda items from your meeting participants so everyone has an opportunity to contribute
  • Determine how to incorporate suggestions into your meeting
  • Make sure the agenda and meeting is accessible to everyone
  • Maintain a balance between providing information and engaging in discussion
  • Share the agenda with your employees before the meeting
  • Create time in the agenda for open dialogue