Emergency wardens

Last updated: May 10, 2021

A building will typically have a warden system.

Smaller worksites may have only one warden while large offices and office towers may have multiple wardens, each responsible for an area or floor, overseen by a chief warden. Wardens are designated and trained to assist in the event of an emergency.

A chief warden's responsibilities include:

  • Providing local emergency health services and fire departments with information such as:
    • worksite layout
    • chemical storage
    • unique hazards
  • Coordinating all designated emergency wardens within the worksite (such as multiple floors or buildings)

A warden's responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring employees are aware of the local emergency response procedures, evacuation routes and assembly (muster) areas
  • Communicating directions during an emergency
  • Ensuring all employees are accounted for during an emergency
  • Participating on the emergency response team
  • Coordinating the emergency response plan and supplies
  • Planning and evaluating emergency drills and organizing related training