Substance use disorder treatment funding

Last updated: July 5, 2021

It takes courage and determination to overcome a substance use disorder. Financial assistance is available to BC Public Service employees who have been clinically recommended to attend an abstinence-based residential treatment program for a drug or alcohol use disorder.

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Employees can receive funding in 2 ways:

  1. Treatment grant: a grant of up to $5,000 is available to employees who personally contribute the first $3,000 (through the treatment loan or other sources)
    • The grant does not need to be repaid
  2. Treatment loan: an interest-free loan, up to a maximum of $3,000

The total amount of funding employees receive cannot exceed the estimated cost of treatment, up to a maximum of $8,000.


The Substance Use Disorder Treatment Funding Program is open to employees who meet the following criteria:

  • Regular full- and part-time employees, at work or in receipt of Long Term Disability (LTD) or Short Term Illness and Injury Plan (STIIP) benefits, or
  • An auxiliary that qualifies for health and welfare benefits
  • Have been referred to an eligible substance use disorder treatment program in British Columbia or Alberta by a medical doctor, an occupational health nurse or an Employee and Family Assistance Services (EFAS) counsellor.

Outpatient treatment, treatment for behavioural addictions and transportation to and from treatment facilities are not covered through this program.

Treatment loan repayment

You must sign an agreement that you will repay the loan within 18 months.

If you leave the BC Public Service before the loan is repaid, loan repayment becomes due at the time your employment ends.

Payroll or long term disability benefit deductions are the primary methods of repayment.

Retroactive applications

An application for funding may be approved if received within one year of the start date of treatment, if all other eligibility requirements are met.

How to apply

Loan applications can be made through an occupational health nurse or an Employee and Family Assistance Services (EFAS) counsellor.

  • Submit an AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) service request to receive an application through an occupational health nurse
  • If you're a B.C. government employee without an IDIR, call the BC Public Service Agency to submit your service request


  • Call 1-800-655-5004 to access a counsellor through your EFAS provider