Career support services

Last updated: September 7, 2021

Career support services offer confidential professional advice to help you with career-related planning and decision-making, effective coping skills, and managing career transitions, including retirement.

These services are free, voluntary and available to everyone, including:

  • Auxiliary employees
  • Employees receiving a Short Term Illness and Injury Plan (STIIP) or long-term disability (LTD) benefits
  • Family members who normally live with an employee

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Career advice services

  • Work one on one by telephone with a professional career counsellor
  • Identify your career direction and goals
  • Assess your interests and skill sets
  • Learn strategies to enhance work satisfaction and manage work-life issues

Work-life resiliency coaching

  • Work one on one by telephone with a professional resiliency coach
  • Evaluate satisfaction levels in work and life, and create strategies to enhance needed areas
  • Better understand your reactions to life’s stressors and build new coping strategies
  • Create and work through an action-oriented plan, based on identified goals

Retirement planning

  • Work one on one by telephone with a retirement planning professional
  • Assess your needs and explore options to proactively plan for retirement
  • Explore retirement-related issues, including:
    • financial concerns
    • successful transition from work to retirement
  • Create a personal plan based on identified retirement priorities