COVID-19 information for BC Public Service employees

Last updated: November 28, 2022

Information about COVID-19 for employees at BC Public Service ministry-operated workplaces

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 Latest updates for the BC Public Service

Topic Updated
BC Public Service COVID-19 Response FAQs (PDF, 359KB) November 28, 2022
BC Public Service Workplace Communicable Disease Prevention Plan for the BC Public Service (PDF, 230KB) July 27, 2022
Serving Clients Onsite in Public or Employee-Restricted Areas (PDF, 175 KB) July 27, 2022
Mask Information for BC Public Service Workplaces (PDF, 234KB) July 27, 2022
COVID-19 Exposure Control and Cleaning Protocols (PDF, 141KB) July 27, 2022
COVID-19 Orientation Checklist (PDF, 146KB) July 27, 2022
Confirmation of Full Vaccination Required Poster (PDF, 59KB) April 5, 2022
BC Public Service Gyms/Exercise Areas (PDF, 141KB) March 8, 2022
Return to the Workplace Checklist (PDF, 196KB) March 1, 2022
Air Travel (PDF, 271KB) February 4, 2022
Staying in Accommodations for Work Travel (PDF, 263KB) February 4, 2022

Flexible work options

telework agreement must be approved by your supervisor if you're working at home or another location outside of the office.

For information about flexible work options including work from home/teleworking, please consult:

Health and well-being

To support health and well-being, please review Health, safety and sick leave resources

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