Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Optional accidental death and dismemberment insurance pays a benefit if you die as a result of an accident or ­suffer a qualifying injury in an accident. This benefit doesn't provide coverage due to illness. Evidence of insurability isn't required.

Qualifying Injuries

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance will pay a percentage of the insurance to you if you sustain certain injuries in an accident. Eligible injuries usually involve dismemberment (loss of a limb, toe or finger) or permanent loss of use, such as paralysis or vision loss. For a list of qualifying injuries, please see the Flexible Benefits Guide (PDF, 3.1MB).

Designated Beneficiary

In the event of your death, the designated beneficiary for this benefit payment is the same as that for your basic life insurance, unless otherwise specified. In the event of your spouse or child’s death, you're the beneficiary. In the event of an eligible injury to yourself, your spouse or child, you're the beneficiary.


You may elect this insurance during Initial Enrolment, during Open Enrolment, or when updating your benefit choices as a result of an eligible life event. If you don't select an option, you'll default to "waive" (no coverage). For details, see Benefits for Excluded Employees.

Coverage Available

For information on coverage, see the Flexible Benefits Guide.

Making a Claim

Contact AskMyHR to make a claim. We'll send the claiming information and can answer any questions you have.