Flexible Benefits Program Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Flexible Benefits Program: Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Effective January 1, 2017, medical travel insurance has been expanded under the extended health group plan for excluded employees in the flexible benefits program. As an employee, you are covered for both business and personal travel for eligible emergency medical expenses incurred while travelling outside of British Columbia, for all three flex options: Coordination, Comprehensive and Enhanced. Your spouse and/or dependants covered under your extended health group plan are also covered for medical emergency travel benefits while travelling for pleasure.

Eligible emergency medical expenses are subject to your Extended Health Plan annual deductible and will be reimbursed at 100 percent. A lifetime maximum limit of $3,000,000 per person applies.

Out-of-Province/Territory of Residence Emergency Eligible Expenses

While travelling outside of your province/territory of residence, benefits are payable for the following eligible expenses incurred in an emergency only and when ordered by the attending physician. Non-emergency continuing care, testing, treatment, and surgery, and amounts covered by any government plan and/or any other provider of health coverage are not eligible.

  1. Local ambulance services when immediate transportation is required to the nearest hospital equipped to provide the treatment essential to the patient
  2. The hospital room charge and charges for services and supplies when confined as a patient or treated in a hospital. Members should contact Travel Assistance for assistance if they have a medical emergency. See the Travel Assistance Brochure (PDF, 169KB) for contact information.
    • When the patient's medical condition permits, they will be returned to Canada. Great-West Life standard out of country confinement is up to a semi-private ward rate
  3. Services of a physician and laboratory and x-ray services
  4. Prescription drugs
  5. Other emergency services and/or supplies, if Great West Life would have covered the expenses in your province/territory of residence
  6. Medical supplies provided during a covered hospital confinement
  7. Paramedical Services provided during a covered hospital confinement
  8. Medical supplies provided out of hospital if you would have been covered in Canada
  9. Out of hospital services of a professional nurse

Emergency eligible expenses incurred out-of-province/territory of residence is subject to a $3,000,000 lifetime maximum per member, spouse or dependant.


  • Expenses incurred due to elective treatment and/or diagnostic procedures
  • Complications related to such treatment expenses incurred due to therapeutic abortion, childbirth or week 35 or later, or if high risk during pregnancy
  • Charges for continuous or routine medical care normally covered by the government plan in your province/territory of residence

Emergency Travel Assistance

Emergency Travel Assistance provides assistance if you experience a medical emergency while travelling out of province. In emergencies that occur while you (and your dependants) are travelling, contact Travel Assistance through Great-West Life from anywhere in the world, including Canada if your trip takes you more than 500 kilometres from home. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and assists members in locating hospitals, clinics and physicians.  Travel Assistance also provides the following services:

  1. Medical advisors
  2. Advance payment when required for hospital admission
  3. Helping to locate qualified legal assistance, local interpreters and appropriate services for replacing lost passports
  4. Assisting unattended children
  5. Return of vehicle
  6. Transportation reimbursement
  7. Medical evacuation
  8. Travelling companion expenses
  9. Transportation of remains if a plan member dies while travelling, expenses for preparing and transporting the plan member’s remains home are covered. The assistance company can also help make the appropriate arrangements

Please ensure that you have your Assure Card with you when you travel as the Travel Assistance phone numbers are listed on the back of your card.  Have your Great-West Life Plan, ID and provincial health care numbers ready for personal identification. Additional details are provided in the Travel Assistance (PDF, 169KB) brochure.