Benefits for Excluded Employees

Health & Life Insurance Benefits Program 

This benefits program is available to excluded employees under the flexible benefit program who meet the eligibility requirements and apply for coverage. Make sure you're familiar with your benefits by reading through the Flexible Benefits Guide (PDF, 3.1MB) or Your Choices at a Glance (PDF, 162KB).

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP insures medically required services provided by physicians and health care practitioners to all eligible British Columbians.

Extended Health & Dental

The extended health plan assists you with your medical expenses, such as prescription drugs, prescription glasses, medical equipment (such as a wheelchair), and services like physiotherapy and eye exams.

The dental plan assists you with dental expenses for services like routine checkups, cleaning, fillings, crowns, bridges and orthodontic services.

Access your personalized coverage and claims information at GroupNet for plan members. You can also sign up for direct deposit and submit claims electronically.

Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Plan provides employee life insurance and gives you the opportunity to select optional spouse and dependent life insurance.

Health Spending Account

A Health Spending Account allows you to set aside some of your flex credits to pay for eligible out of pocket expenses that aren't covered by your extended health and dental plans.

Coordinate Extended Health & Dental Benefits

Are you covered under more than one health or dental plan? If your spouse is an excluded or bargaining unit BC Public Service employee, or is enrolled in a benefits program with an employer outside of the BC Public Service, you may be able to coordinate the two benefits programs, and get up to 100 percent of eligible health and dental expenses reimbursed.

Travel Medical Insurance

If you're traveling out of province for business or personal reasons, you should review your health coverage prior to your trip to ensure that you have adequate health coverage. 

Benefits Eligibility

Check if you and your family are eligible for coverage.

Enrolling & Updating Benefits

If you wish to be covered under the extended health and dental plan, MSP and/or the Optional Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance Plan, you must apply once you're eligible. You're automatically covered for employee life insurance, but you may wish to designate a beneficiary. During initial enrolment, you must enrol within 30 days of becoming eligible or you'll receive the default options.

If you experience an eligible life event, you can make changes to your benefit options within 60 days of the event.

How to Make a Claim for Extended Health, Dental or Life Insurance

Find out how eligible excluded employees enrolled in the benefits program can claim for eligible healthcare and dental expenses.

Updates to Benefits Program

Stay updated with changes to your benefits program.

Converting to Individual Benefits Plans

The conversion policy enables an employee to convert to individual extended health, dental and life insurance plans when their group coverage ends.