Medical Travel Insurance

For excluded employees enrolled in extended health under the Flexible Benefits Program, please visit the flexible benefits program emergency medical travel insurance to learn more about what is available to you under this program.

Business Travel

Employees covered under the BC Public Service extended health plan who travel out of province or out of country on business for the BC Public Service will be covered for medical emergencies to a lifetime maximum of $3 million.

The business travel medical insurance includes coverage for pre-existing conditions with the exception of

  • Expenses incurred due to elective treatment and/or diagnostic procedures
  • Complications related to such treatment expenses incurred due to therapeutic abortion, childbirth, or complications of pregnancy occurring after week 35, or if high risk during pregnancy
  • Charges for continuous or routine medical care normally covered by the government plan in your province/territory of residence

The business travel insurance has a separate lifetime maximum from your extended health plan and will not impact the extended health lifetime maximum.

This insurance does not apply to dependants or to personal travel days.

Most employees without extended health coverage through their employment with the BC Public Service are not covered under the group business medical travel insurance plan. There are limited exceptions. Employees without extended health coverage should confirm their travel medical insurance status prior to making travel arrangements.

Personal Travel

Our group extended health plan provides some emergency medical coverage when travelling out of province or out of country for pleasure. Please review your benefits guide carefully to see what is available to you. You will then be able to determine based on your individual circumstances whether you should to purchase additional coverage.

Because the extended health plan is subject to an overall lifetime maximum and emergency expenses can exceed this amount, it is strongly recommended that you purchase additional travel insurance. Some insurance carriers require that you first exhaust the lifetime maximum under your group plan before they will reimburse you. It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance from an insurance company that reimburses first.

Great-West Life has launched a special travel website to enable you to purchase optional travel medical insurance. For more information, review Great-West Life's Optional Emergency Travel Medical Benefit information sheet. This travel medical insurance is first payer to your group plan with Great-West Life, and you’ll save 10% by purchasing it from this website. NOTE: if you have other similar coverage – such as through a credit card plan or another group or individual insurance plan – claims will be coordinated within the guidelines for out-of-province/country coverage issued by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

To apply, you will need your Great-West Life group plan number (50088) and your identification number.

This travel insurance has a maximum amount payable per covered trip of $2 million Canadian. Coverage is available for 30-, 60-, or 90-day multi-trips if you are under age 80. There are exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

When purchasing travel insurance, ensure you read the fine print and understand the coverage such as exclusions for pre-existing conditions and if it’s a first payer plan.