Coordinate Extended Health & Dental

If your spouse's benefits program allows for coordination of benefits plans you may be able to submit your receipts to both plans and get up to 100 percent of your eligible expenses reimbursed.

How to submit your claims for coordinated benefits:

  • Submit your claim for reimbursement and your original receipts to your plan. Once approved, you will receive your reimbursement and an explanation of benefits statement
  • Submit the explanation of benefits statement and photocopies of receipts along with a claim for reimbursement to your spouse's plan to claim the balance of the eligible expense

If your spouse is submitting their claim, they would submit a claim to their plan first and to your plan second.

If you have dependent children, the order of submission is determined by your birthdays.  If your birthday is earlier in the calendar year than that of your spouse, you will submit your children’s claims to your plan.

When coordinating benefits, please ensure the same names are being used on both plans (e.g. legal names) so there are no delays with the coordination of benefits with the carrier. If the names do not match, there may be a delay in payment or payment may be missed. 

Pay Direct

Pharmacies, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, podiatrists, psychologists, massage therapists and optical stores/optometrists/ophthalmologists can register for Pay Direct through Great-West Life. If your service provider has signed up, simply show your Great-West Life Assure Card (and the card for your spouse’s plan, if you are able to coordinate benefits) and you will pay only the portion of the expense that is not covered under your plan.