My Total Package

The Sum of Your Benefits

Pay & Reimbursements

Your pay and reimbursements make up a big part of your total compensation package, and you also have access to benefits, career opportunities, work options, programs and initiatives that you won't find anywhere else. All of these programs increase the value of your take-home pay, and some of them just make this a great place to work.  


Your benefits include MSP coverage, extended health and dental plans, life insurance and a Public Service Pension Plan. Find out what's available to you and your family.

Health & well-being

These health and well-being programs can help you quit smoking, prevent you from getting the flu and track your personal health goals. Diverse services include counselling services, online courses, legal advice and personal financial planning.

Learning & education

These educational opportunities range from courses offered by the BC Public Service Agency to scholarships for you and your children and loan forgiveness programs for post-secondary education. 

Leave & time off

Use these leave and time off options to help you achieve work/life balance, whether you're taking a holiday, furthering your education or taking care of a new member of the family. Options include a Deferred Salary Leave Program, earned time off, special leave and vacation.

Engagement & recognition

These initiatives celebrate your long service and your best work. Check out the Long Service Awards and Premier's Awards programs.

Flexible work options toolkit

This toolkit offers flexibility around when and where you work and helps you work efficiently from home or on a schedule that's best for you.

Performance management

These performance management resources, which support your career growth and optimal performance, include individual and team coaching services and planning tools.


Find discounts for bus passes, cellular services, computers and gyms, as well as travel insurance and hotels are available.