Welcome to the BC Public Service Sessions

A Welcome to the BC Public Service session will introduce you to the public service and give you tools to answer questions like: What make the public service a different place to work? What does it mean to work on behalf of the citizens of this province? Can I see myself building a career in the public service?

These sessions are recommended but not mandatory. They are designed specifically for auxiliary and regular employees who are early in their careers and new to the Public Service. Co-op employees have their own uniquely designed set of orientation activities, go the Co-op Connect HubRestricted Access to find out more.


These sessions involve group activities and offer useful tips and information to make your employment experience successful. They also

  • Provide a sense of where you fit in and how you can make an impact in this large organization
  • Explain how to access benefits and create career development opportunities
  • Explore the Standards of Conduct
  • Give you a chance to network with other new employees and with senior public service executives
  • Participate in a formal Oath of Employment ceremony

New employees have 90 days to complete their Oath of Employment.  If you are scheduled to attend a Welcome session within that time, please wait to do your Oath there at the formal ceremony.  Even those who have already taken the Oath, however, find this to be a memorable event. The Standards of Conduct case studies add context and meaning and you will receive a photograph and a ceremonial copy of the Oath. Current picture ID is required to complete the Oath.

Registering for a Welcome Session

Use the Learning System to find an upcoming session near you. Click on "Learning Home" and then type "welcome" into the "Search for Learning" window. Remember to talk to your supervisor before you register, and make sure your supervisor confirms your attendance through the Learning System. Your seat is not held until your supervisor approves online.


Sessions are held across the province. As new sessions are scheduled, they are added to the Learning System.


Please check specific session information on the Learning System.