Oath of Employment for Political Staff

The Political Staff Oath and Standards of Conduct for Political Staff were enacted in April 2014 under the Public Service Act.

Together, these authorities establish conduct expectations for political staff that recognize their unique partisan role.

The Standards of Conduct for Political Staff closely resemble the Standards of Conduct for BC Public Service employees, but remove the obligation for political staff to act impartially and base recommendations and decisions on objective evidence.

A new section outlines appropriate interactions between political staff and members of the permanent public service.

Political Staff

As defined in the Standards of Conduct for Political Staff, political staff are individuals appointed under section 15(1)(a) of the Public Service Act who report through the chief of staff to the premier or provide support to a minister, but whose job duties aren't primarily of an administrative, technical or communications nature.

Most appointees working in the Office of the Premier and supporting ministerial offices are political staff (Chiefs of Staff, Ministerial Assistants and Executive Assistants). Appointees to Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) are not political staff.

Political staff are required to swear or affirm the Political Staff Oath and abide by the Standards of Conduct for Political Staff.  Other public servants swear or affirm the Public Service Oath of Employment and abide by the Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees

Who Administers the Political Staff Oath?

The Premier's Office directly handles administration of the Political Staff Oath. 

Taking Your Oath

When you take your oath, be sure to have a current piece of photo identification with your signature.