Your First Four Months

Welcome to the Public Service Sessions

Our interactive corporate orientation session for new employees provides an introduction to government and corporate campaigns and an opportunity to take (or re-take) the Oath of Employment in a ceremony led by the Deputy Attorney General.

Welcome sessions also provide tips and resources to help you make the most of your career in government, as well as a chance to network with your fellow employees and members of executive. Visit Welcome to the BC Public Service Sessions for more information.

Learning & Development

The BC Public Service provides in-person and web-based access to training resources and courses.

For a description of training in a particular topic, visit the Training & Development.

To browse for available courses and to sign up, visit the Learning System. Browse the catalogue for resources, search for items using keywords, format and location, or select topic headings to guide your search.

Ask your supervisor about learning opportunities and courses specific to your job as some courses may be available from other sources.

Career Development in the BC Public Service

Pacific Leaders Program

The Pacific Leaders program provides funding for learning or development and loan forgiveness.

Work/Life Balance

Finding a balance between your work and personal commitments is an important part of maintaining your health and well-being.

Ask your supervisor about the resources and activities available to help you with a work/life balance:

  • What's the work/life culture like in your workplace? Is the workplace involved in any community or sporting activities?
  • Are any work/life balance programs underway? Are flexible work arrangements available?
  • What's the practice regarding taking holidays?
  • How do I find out what vacation time I'm eligible for?

Building Capacity in Indigenous Relations

This learner-driven course seeks to deliver Indigenous awareness training in a culturally appropriate and unique way. Follow one BC Public Service employee's journey as he increases his knowledge and understanding of the Indigenous people of B.C.

Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies

Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies are intended to help guide all of us in doing our part to ensure the empowerment of Indigenous people. Learn more about these Competencies, why they were developed, and how to use them.

Review the Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies.