Your First Day

A Welcome From Don Wright, Head of the BC Public Service

New Employee Checklist

Use the New Employee Checklist as a guide to orient yourself during your first day on the job. The checklist walks you through important steps that will help you find basic information. It'll also help you decide what to discuss with your supervisor and what to ask your colleagues.

Complete the Following Forms

Review this important occupational health and safety information and learn about your office's fire and earthquake safety information.

Orientation for New & Young Workers

Before you start work, you'll be given health and safety orientation and training specific to your workplace. Learn more about orientation for new and young workers.

Our Corporate Values

Understanding what we value in the BC Public Service is important. Be sure to review each of the corporate values and how they reflect on your role.

BC Public Service Key Strategies & Initiatives

A key part of our culture is the corporate initiatives that set the vision and define the strategic direction for those of us working in the public service. Take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the key strategies in the BC Public Service.

Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

Promoting a culture of inclusion and removing barriers to participating in the workplace are important values within the BC Public Service. Familiarize yourself with resources related to diversity, inclusion and respect, and speak to your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

If you may benefit from having an accommodation in the workplace, talk to your supervisor about your needs.

Appropriate Use Policy

Learn about the requirements set out in the Appropriate Use Policy for employees when they access and manage government information and use government information technology resources. 

Leave, Pay & Benefits

In addition to your salary, you receive a number of benefits that include health coverage, leave allowances, vacation, employee discounts and services, and flexible work options. Refer to My Total Package for updated information regarding your pay and other benefits.

For a basic overview of your complete compensation package, check out the following videos: 

Total Compensation in the BC Public Service

Total Compensation in the BC Public Service: An Example

How Your Pay Stub Works

See what your pay stub will look like and find out what all those numbers mean.

Probationary Period

New employees or those starting in a new position with new responsibilities will serve a probationary period. This probationary period gives you time to familiarize yourself with your job and to demonstrate your ability to perform the work.

The terms of your probationary period are outlined in your offer letter. Speak to your supervisor if you have any questions regarding your probationary period.

If you belong to a Bargaining Unit, refer to your Collective Agreement for further information on probation, performance appraisals, and your right to union representation.

Learn more about probationary periods and the variables that may affect your probation.

Facilities & Access

After Hours Building Access

In the course of your job, you may need access to your work building after standard business hours. Your supervisor will arrange for after hours building access, if required.

Shower Facilities, Lockers & Bike Lock-Up

Your building might have shower facilities, lockers and a bike lock-up. Ask your supervisor if such facilities exist and how to access them.

Provincial Employees Fitness Centres

The Provincial Employees Fitness Society operates three fitness centres in the Victoria area. Their website provides information about membership, locations and fitness class schedules. If you live in another community in the province, check with your peers or supervisor about public or employee fitness centres in your community.

For more information, check the Employee Discount Store.


Your job may require you to travel to attend meetings, interviews, workshops, conferences, or any number of other duties. For policies and information, check with your supervisor about any ministry restrictions or policies about preferred modes of travel, or the use of a travel agent.

To find out more about travel and other allowances and guidelines, check out Travel Policy and Procedures - Human Resource Policy 17.

Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF)

The annual workplace fundraising campaign, Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), is filled with special events and opportunities to get involved, meet people, and help your community. Learn more about the ways you can help out by volunteering or donating to PECSF.

Introduction to PECSF