Pre-retirement Leave

The leave that you take immediately prior to retirement is called pre-retirement leave or paid absence prior to retirement. You can use all your eligible remaining banked time as well as your retirement allowance as pre-retirement leave. Check your leave balances in Employee Self Service.

Contact AskMyHR once you've decided to take pre-retirement leave (at least six months prior to the start of your leave) to confirm the amount in your leave banks, the order in which the leaves can be taken, and to have a Paid Absence Prior to Retirement form completed for you.

Keep these things in mind about pre-retirement leave:

  • Archived vacation cannot be taken as leave time and will be paid out at the rate at which it was earned
  • Pre-1978 banked sick time is equivalent to 50 percent of your accumulated sick bank credits and may be taken as time off (leave) or cash; this bank cannot be divided. Find more information on Ready for Retirement
  • Once you have started this leave, the normal employment relationship is considered modified; you are no longer committed to the employer to return to work, and the employer is no longer committed to provide you with work
  • Once the Paid Absence Prior to Retirement form has been signed and the leave has started, no further adjustments will be made to the leave for reasons of illness or other circumstances, other than death
  • Paid employment of any nature while on pre-retirement leave is subject to the Standards of Conduct