Complete Your Retirement Plans

Complete your retirement plan six months before your last day at work. Here's how:

  • Contact AskMyHR
    • To discuss leave balances, including retirement allowance eligibility
    • To request a Paid Absence Prior to Retirement (PAPR) form be completed for you. The PAPR form is not available online
  • Apply for your Public Service Pension
  • Give your supervisor notice of your upcoming retirement. A resignation letter is not required, however, we strongly encourage you to notify your supervisor and/or your ministry as soon as possible
  • Keep your address current. You will receive T4 tax information slips in the year(s) after you retire. If you move, or your address on file is incorrect, contact AskMyHR as soon as possible

Retiring from the BC Public Service

To retire from service, AskMyHR completes the Paid Absence Prior to Retirement (PAPR) form for you.

The PAPR form

  • Indicates your last day at work (the last day performing your current job duties)
  • Indicates whether you want to use your earned leave banks and allowances as
    • Paid absence prior to retirement
    • A lump sum payout at retirement
    • A combination of both
  • Confirms your Statement of Intent to Retire
  • Confirms your pension start date (the first of the month after your last day on pay)

How it works

  • AskMyHR confirms your leave bank balances and retirement allowance eligibility and entitlement
  • AskMyHR assists you to work through various scenarios for your paid absence
  • Once you have decided on a final scenario, AskMyHR will send you a completed PAPR form
  • Review the information and return the signed PAPR form to AskMyHR
  • Once the PAPR form has been signed and the paid absence has started, no further adjustments will be made to the leave for reasons of illness or other circumstances, other than death

If you use any of your leave banks or are on STIIP between the time you submit your signed PAPR and when your paid absence starts, contact AskMyHR right away. The form may need to be amended.