Scholarships for Public Servants - Application Process & Renewal

This page covers the process to apply and renew an application for the Pacific Leaders Scholarships for Public Servants program.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply. While you can find complete details on the application form, this covers some additional information.

Supervisor’s letter of support

  • If your supervisor is new, a letter from your previous supervisor will be accepted as long as your new/current supervisor signs a short note indicating their agreement. This is particularly important as the signatories on your support letter and your application will be different and it ensures your current supervisor understands and agrees to the committed budgetary responsibilities
  • Suggestions for the content of the supervisor’s letter are on page one of the application form
  • Your supervisor’s letter of support must be written and signed within 3 months of your application submission, in support of your current application

Estimates for tuition & books

  • The estimated dollar amounts that you enter for tuition and books are only estimates and will not impact the amount you’re awarded

Rules around loan forgiveness & other scholarship funding:

  • See the Pacific Leaders BC Loan Forgiveness or Pacific Leaders Scholarships for Children of Public Servants program pages for loan forgiveness and scholarship information
  • If you are participating in the Pacific Leaders BC Loan Forgiveness program, you can still apply for Pacific Leaders Scholarships for Public Servants or Scholarships for Children of Public Servants programs. The programs operate under the same umbrella but are focused on different parts of an employee’s career progression
  • You can receive funding from other scholarships unrelated to Pacific Leaders. If you are reimbursed through another source for any portion of tuition and books, you are expected to subtract that amount prior to submitting a request for reimbursement
  • You cannot apply for more than one Pacific Leaders Scholarship at one time, but you can apply for subsequent scholarships in future years. See the renewal section for more information

Rules around program requirements:

  • You do not have to be registered in your program when you apply for a scholarship, but you must be registered before you can be reimbursed
  • Only submit the application form with one program on it as the scholarship will only be granted for one program at a time 
  • An application that does not clearly show which single program is being applied for will be rejected
  • Refer to your chosen program consistently throughout your application package
  • Scholarships are for future studies and cannot be applied retroactively. Do not apply for a scholarship for a program you have already taken. If you have outstanding BC student loans from past studies, please see information on the Pacific Leaders BC Loan Forgiveness program
  • This scholarship is for those aiming to attain a diploma, certificate or degree, not for those taking one or two courses. Ministries may use their discretion to fund one or two developmental courses that do not lead to a certificate, diploma or degree. See Learning and Development (HR Policy 2) and speak with your supervisor

Scholarship Renewal

Each Pacific Leaders Scholarship is for one 12-month period only. If your studies are ongoing, apply for a scholarship renewal in the same intake each year to ensure there’s no break in funding.

Even if nothing has changed in your circumstances, you need to complete the application package fully so all criteria can be verified. This also allows your supervisor and by extension your ministry to affirm its ongoing commitment. In addition, transcripts indicating passing grades are required.

If you received funding previously through Pacific Leaders for the same or a different program of study, your application would be considered a renewal.

Rules around academic transcripts & grades:

1. Pacific Leaders is an academic scholarship, so only programs that measure and assess your course work success are eligible. This means there must be tools (like exams or papers) that are marked and/or graded. Programs that simply indicate attendance or completion are not eligible for funding.

2. Upon completion of your studies each year, you are required to provide your organization with a transcript, demonstrating that you have earned a satisfactory grade (60 percent or a passing grade as defined by the institution, whichever is higher) on every course funded.

3. Upon submitting a renewal application, you must provide a copy of your transcript showing the grades you have received on Pacific Leaders Scholarship-funded studies to date. An unofficial copy of your transcript (such as a photocopy, scan or screen shot from a website) will be accepted, provided that it states your name, contains your educational institution’s name (or can be identified from a URL or logo as having originated from a designated institution), and lists your recently completed courses, when they were taken, and the grades received (for courses completed using Pacific Leaders funding).

  • In instances where courses are issued a 'Pass' or 'Fail' in lieu of a letter or number grade, you may be asked to provide a grade equivalency chart from your institution
  • If you failed to meet the minimum grade requirement or withdrew from a course for which you were reimbursed, you must submit confirmation from your ministry that you have repaid any funds owed
  • If you did not submit claims for reimbursement on your last approved Scholarship Year, you must submit confirmation of this from your ministry, in lieu of submitting a transcript
  • If none of your grades are available when you submit your renewal application, you must provide one or more of the following items in lieu of your grades, in order for your application to be considered:
    • Interim grades for each course
    • A current transcript showing your course(s) as ‘In Progress’
    • An email or letter from your academic advisor, stating satisfactory achievement in your coursework to date
    • A course confirmation letter from your institution

If approved, your application would be considered “pending” – this means that your organization will not process any claims for reimbursement on your renewed Scholarship Year until your final grades are received.

If your transcript does not satisfy the above-mentioned criteria, it will be rejected.