MyPerformance Profile Technical Support

On this page, you can find help for various topics:

Contact AskMyHRRestricted Access by submitting a service request using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > HR Software Systems Support > MyPerformance System for any other issues.

Lost Profiles

If you're having trouble finding your recent profile, see the box under the heading MyPerformance Profile for [your name]. Click on the downward arrow and you'll find previous profiles in a cascading list. Select the one you want to view and then select "Load."

New Supervisors

If you need to update your profile to reflect a change of supervisor, advise your new supervisor. The supervisor should contact AskMyHRRestricted Access. They will get the information updated in PeopleSoft.

Removing Direct Supervisors

You can't have your direct supervisor removed from your profile. Any requests for changes to your reporting relationship must be made through your current supervisor.

Reporting to Multiple People

If you report to more than one person, you can't change the supervisor showing as responsible in your profile. Supervisors who share responsibility for an employee need to discuss the employee's performance and the information is then added as an attachment or in the body of the profile by the supervisor showing as directly responsible. Sharing of the file is also possible, but not recommended as best practice.

Changes After Signing Off

If your profile has not yet been locked and you want to make changes after signing off on your profile, you'll need to unsign the profile with your employee number in order to make edits again. You can unsign and make changes to your profile information only following a discussion with your supervisor; they have to unsign your profile first. This action takes place in the Rating tab at Step 4. Remember to sign it again after making your changes.

At the end of each cycle, MyPerformance profiles for that cycle are locked, whether they're completed or not. If you wish to make changes to your profile and it has been locked, contact AskMyHRRestricted Access.

Deleting Archived Profiles

You can't delete archived profiles by yourself. You can make a request to delete them by contacting your ministry's Strategic Human Resources MyPerformance administrator; if you don't know who this is, ask your supervisor. You can create a new profile even if you have archived a profile for the current cycle.