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Last updated: March 23, 2022

The MyPerformance guides are resources for BC Public Service employees and supervisors on topics related to the MyPerformance conversation.

Each guide offers concrete actions for employees and supervisors that can help improve the quality of MyPerformance conversations, and through them support the engagement, development and performance of each employee.

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Motivation in the workplace

Motivation is one of the most important keys to success.

The MyPerformance Guide to Motivation in the Workplace (PDF, 1MB) supports leaders and employees in understanding and harnessing the driving force behind enhanced results and achievements.

To propel you and others to success, look inside for practical and easy tips and exercises that will guide your explorations and conversations.

Building workplace trust

Workplace trust is a building block to relationships between supervisors and employees.

When an employee and supervisor trust each other they:

  • Brainstorm and collaborate
  • Bring forward their different perspectives
  • Talk about challenges as well as possible solutions
  • Ultimately have better experiences at work and better results

The MyPerformance Guide to Building Workplace Trust (PDF, 744KB) will define workplace trust, explain why trust matters, and provide resources, supports and best practices for building workplace trust.

This guide also includes a handy worksheet to help you reflect on or prepare for a conversation about trust.

Assessing employee performance

The MyPerformance Guide to Assessing Employee Performance (PDF, 1MB) gives simple, practical tips and tools for measuring employee performance.

Learn how to:

  • Apply the BC Public Service Values and key competencies
  • Use the Descriptive Rating Scale
  • Determine what work your employee is accomplishing and how
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Handle difficult conversations about performance

Employee engagement

The relationship between supervisors and employees is integral to employee engagement. Direct, collaborative MyPerformance conversations strengthen that relationship.

Employees who are engaged feel connected to their jobs and to the success of the organization.

The MyPerformance Guide to Employee Engagement (PDF, 603KB) outlines best practices, practical tips, and strategies for having conversations that promote higher performance and career satisfaction.

Performance conversations

Research shows that trusted feedback between supervisors and employees has a great impact on employee engagement, motivation and results.

For both employees and supervisors, the MyPerformance Guide to Performance Conversations (PDF, 552KB) provides best practices for having meaningful conversations about performance and development.

Goal setting

Learn how to create performance and learning goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) and HARD (heartfelt, animated, required and difficult).

The MyPerformance Guide to Goal Setting (PDF, 1.4MB) is for both employees and supervisors.

Employee recognition

People who feel appreciated are more productive and innovative. The most effective supervisors know that employee recognition is a powerful form of communication.

The MyPerformance Guide to Employee Recognition (PDF, 793KB) outlines day-to-day, informal and formal types of recognition, from saying thank you, to celebrating, to encouraging peer-to-peer recognition.

Maximizing results

The MyPerformance Guide to Maximizing Results (PDF, 1.3MB) helps supervisors link employee performance to organizational performance, and allows employees to connect the work they do to overall business goals. 

Coaching questions

MyPerformance Coaching Questions (PDF,635KB) includes powerful questions that can open a dialogue between supervisors and employees for their ongoing MyPerformance conversations.

Supervisors and employees can choose the ones they like or modify them to make them their own.

Profile user guide

Your best resource for learning to use the MyPerformance Profile is the Working with MyPerformance Profile User Guide (PDF, 4.4MB).

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