If "Your Current Supervisor" within MyPerformance is incorrect please have your supervisor submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access ticket using the categories My Team or Organization > HR Software Systems Support > Position/Reporting Updates.

For issues related to the managing of MyPerformance profiles, please review the Working with MyPerformance User Guide (PDF, 4.4MB).

The MyPerformance program is more than just a tool—it’s how the BC Public Service supports the relationship between you and your supervisor. By inspiring conversations about goals and values and nurturing trusted feedback, MyPerformance increases work engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Everyone in the BC Public Service takes part.

You and your supervisor meet regularly to share perspectives about professional successes, challenges, and objectives. You're both equally accountable for the success of the relationship and the results achieved.

Your Role

  • Create a MyPerformance ProfileRestricted Access at the beginning of your ministry’s cycle. Ask your supervisor if you're unsure of your ministry’s cycle dates
  • Participate in ongoing MyPerformance planning, focusing, and review conversations
  • Sign off on your supervisor’s rating of your performance

MyPerformance Guides

MyPerformance Guides are available to support you in these conversations.