Last updated: May 19, 2022

MyPerformance is how the BC Public Service supports the relationship between an employee and their supervisor.

The objective is to have meaningful conversations that help employees achieve their goals, demonstrate the values and grow their careers in the BC Public Service.

Through MyPerformance, employees and supervisors:

  • Collaborate to draft goals
  • Share trusted feedback
  • Have ongoing conversations about work
  • Share perspectives about career aspirations, successes and challenges

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If 'Your Current Supervisor' within MyPerformance is incorrect:

  • Your supervisor needs submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the categories My Team or Organization > HR Software Systems Support > Position/Reporting Updates

Problems with a  MyPerformance profile? Review the Working with MyPerformance User Guide (PDF, 4.4MB).

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MyPerformance model

The focus of the MyPerformance model is on ongoing conversations between employees and supervisors.

When having meaningful conversations, employees are more likely to be:

  • Engaged
  • Productive
  • Satisfied

The supervisor and the employee are equally accountable for the:

  • Success of the relationship
  • Results achieved

Ongoing conversations

Aim to have frequent conversations at a rate that works for both the employee and the supervisor.

For example

  • Supervisors need to make time for conversations and talk about the things that matter
  • Employees need to ask for meetings if it's been too long, and bring up what matters to them

Performance conversations can either be formal or informal, and any conversation a supervisor and employee have about work is a performance conversation.

Conversations can be about:

  • Tasks
  • Goals
  • Values
  • Competencies
  • Training
  • Development
  • Or anything else that matters

The MyPerformance best practices page includes more information on preparing for MyPerformance conversations.

MyPerformance cycle

The MyPerformance cycle takes place over a year.

The cycle includes 3 stages:

  • Planning: Creation of profiles and setting individual goals and measures
  • Focusing: Ongoing monitoring of progress and circumstances. Revise goals and measures as necessary
  • Reviewing and rating: Review of goals, results and a formal evaluation. This should be an evaluation of what and how the employee has performed over the whole year

Remember, the stage does not limit the type of conversation that can take place.

Supervisors and employees should have whatever type of conversation is needed at the time, regardless of the stage of the cycle they’re in.

Replacing MyPerformance

A new system called the Performance Development Platform (PDP) is replacing MyPerformance in 2023.

The BC Public Service is updating the approach to employee development, and focusing on meaningful conversations between employees and supervisors.

These changes support goal 9 of the corporate plan:

  • Enhancing the performance management experience by encouraging a strengths-based, engagement-focused, developmental approach

Early adoption

In June 2022, employees from these BC Public Service organizations will start using the PDP:

  • BC Public Service Agency
  • Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Royal BC Museum

The Performance Development Platform (PDP) will launch to all BC Public Service employees in 2023.

You’ll receive more information before you start using the new system.

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