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May 1, 2019: Nomination of Beneficiary Form No Longer Accepted by the Pension Corporation

Nomination of Beneficiary forms that you submit to the Pension Corporation after May 1 will be returned to you. Nominating a beneficiary in My Account is quicker, easier and more secure than through the paper form. Employees can nominate persons, trustees and organizations, and can update their beneficiary information anytime. Keeping their information accurate and up to date ensures their final wishes for their pension benefit will be followed.

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April 12, 2019: Health, Safety & Sick Leave Resources

Did you know that the BC Public Service offers a wide range of health, safety, and well-being supports for our employees?

Whether you’re managing your own health, or looking for information to support your team, we have the resources and supports you’re looking for.

Check out our Health, Safety & Sick Leave Resources web page to access information and resources related to sick leave, workplace safety, ergonomics, health and well-being services, and more!

April 9, 2019: Workplace Impairment Meeting in a Box Resources

Employers and supervisors have a legislated obligation to monitor their workplaces for impairment and any other issues that could compromise the health and safety of employees, clients and the public. Supervisors also have a critical role in educating their staff; employee understanding of what constitutes impairment is key, particularly sources, impacts and workplace policies. To lessen concerns and to help facilitate these conversations, a Meeting in a Box has been posted on MyHR. Like the other Meeting in a Box on MyHR (for respectful workplaces), information and resources are provided in support of supervisor-directed workplace discussions about impairment.

January 24, 2019: BC Pension Workshops

BC Pension Corporation offers various workshops about the logistics of your pension. Learn more about how being a member of the plan can affect your future, such as returning from parental leave, getting a separation or divorce, or changing jobs. You can find answers to your pension questions through free member education.

New & Potential Members

  • "Getting to Know Your Pension" is 15 minutes of online learning that will introduce you to the value and benefits of plan membership.

Life Events

  • "Making the Most of Your Pension" can help you maximize your pension by understanding how the decisions you make throughout your career affect your pension when you retire.
    • Take 45 minutes of online learning (new) or attend the two hour workshop.

Approaching Retirement

  • "Approaching Retirement" is a two hour workshop designed to help you understand the important decisions you need to make about your pension to make the transition easier.

For more information, visit the BC Public Service Pension Plan website.