Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System

The Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (TEAMS) are a pair of corporate volunteer programs coordinated through Emergency Management BC (EMBC) and BC Wildfire Service (BCWS). TEAMS supports employees who volunteer with local communities affected by emergency events.

Responses to events such as flooding and wildfire need up-front training and preparedness. The common goal of both programs is to ensure trained and skilled provincial employees are ready to support all aspects of emergency operations during all-hazard emergencies and disasters that may impact British Columbia.

EMBC is responsible for coordination and support for communities during all hazards (over 50 identified natural and human-caused hazards) through Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centres in the 6 provincial regions, and the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre in Victoria, BC. As indicated in the name, BC Wildfire Service is the subject matter expert in all fire-related emergencies; however, BCWS fully supports EMBC with response to other hazards where possible. 

During these strenuous and stressful events, the extra resources employees provide are vital to a successful emergency response.

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Stay tuned for the next joint EMBC and BCWS TEAMS recruitment in Spring 2020.

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