Funding Opportunities

What Types of Funding Are Available?

The application period for the 2017-19 Fund Supported Pool cycle is now closed.  The next funding cycle intake will take place in Spring 2020. Please see Apply for Funding for general information on the grant application process.

Fund Supported

Fund Supported charities are selected by a granting application process. The funding is for three years and applications are evaluated by a committee of volunteers in that region to receive a portion of the pool funds. The criteria for Fund Supported charities are based on a number of factors including the perceived need, trends of donors and the impact and value within the community. You must commit to the full granting process in order to be considered as a Fund Supported charity.

Donor Choice

Donor Choice charities are selected by the employee donor. All monies are disbursed directly to the federally registered charity twice annually (August and March). Donor Choice charities can only be added to the list at the request of BC Public Service employees.

Active Regions

In regions where there is no active volunteer committee to facilitate the grant application process, the Fund Supported Pool is determined by the employees in that region. Based on employee donations, the top two or three charities in each of these regions will form the Fund Supported Pool. The chosen charities meet the current pool's eligibility requirements but are not required to submit annual reports.