About AskMyHR

Why choose AskMyHR? Your request is sent directly to the relevant service area, so you'll get streamlined delivery.

When you use AskMyHR, you can:

  • Read the entire communication thread related to a service request.
  • View and track the progress of your service requests online.
  • Add documents and update submission as required.
  • Access solved tickets if looking for information or advice previously given.
  • Submit, track, update and view your service history from one location.
  • Close a ticket if your issue has been resolved.
  • View all service and support requests initiated since April 1, 2012.


For fastest service, scan and submit forms via an AskMyHR service request. If you don't have access to AskMyHR, follow the instructions on the form.

Service Categories

To submit a request, you need to identify a category and sometimes a sub-category for the service you need.

Unsure about which service category to select? See the service category descriptions for guidance.