Prepare & register

Use this handy step-by-step guide to help you prepare for the new BC Bid.

Remember that at go-live, two systems will run in parallel. All new opportunities will be created and issued on the new system, except for government ministry Invitations to Tender (ITT). Core government ITTs will continue to be issued on the current system for at least six months until a new module is introduced.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Business BCeID
  3. Complete the account registration directions as indicated by BCeID
  4. Optional: Create any additional user accounts in BCeID

Note: If you have multiple users to add to BC Bid, create them in BCeID at the same time. This will save you time later. The first BCeID to log in to BC Bid will be assigned the Supplier Admin role for the company.

Transfer an existing subscription

The fastest way to transfer a subscription is by completing the Transfer an existing subscription steps before you Complete Account Registration. Using the same transfer subscription steps, you can transfer your subscription after you Complete Account Registration, however this may result in significant delays to your subscription transfer.

Ensure that only one contact within an organization completes the transfer of a subscription. In most cases this would be the Supplier admin.

supplier dashboard

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1. On the Main Menu, click General Info then click Company Profile or on the Supplier Dashboard click Company Profile.

click pencil to edit

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2. On the left-hand menu, click Subscriptions.

3. Click the pencil icon beside the profile to edit.

request subscription transfer

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4. In the Request Subscription Transfer from old BCBid section, complete:

a. In Old BCBid email field enter the email address associated with the previous account.

b. In the Old BCBid E-bidding Subscription Expiry and Old BCBid Notifications Subscription Expiry fields, enter the date(s) of the previous subscriptions.

c. Click the I wish to apply for time credit checkbox.

5. Click Save.

6. The BC Bid Help Desk will review the request submitted.

7. Once the subscription transfer has been completed, update the subscribed commodity codes.

The first user with a company to register with BC Bid is assigned the Supplier Admin role. This role can be reassigned later once additional users with the company are registered with BC Bid.

Select the login link

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1. From the BC Bid Public Portal, click Login with Business BCeID or Login.

Use BCeID to log in

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2. Log in to BC Bid with Business BCeID

a. Use a Business BCeID.

b. Enter the BCeID password.

c. Click Continue.

See Appendix 3 for information on Supplier Admin responsibilities.

complete registration form

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3. Upon logging in to BC Bid for the first time, complete the New Supplier Registration Form.

a. Some company information is imported automatically from the BCeID registration.

b. Complete the required fields indicated with a red star, the other fields can be updated later.

c. Optional: If registering as a BC Timber Sales registrant, click the BCTS Registered checkbox and provide the BCTS Registrant Number.

d. Optional: Complete the address information.

e. Click Register.

Note: Addresses for Proprietorships are not shared between BCeID and BC Bid. If the Supplier (Proprietorship) wants their address to be stored in BC Bid, they can add their address in the registration form, or later as a change request to Help Desk.

Thank you for registering

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4. The screen will display the registration confirmation.

5. Check email for account confirmation and further instructions.

a. Close the web browser.

accept the terms of use

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6. When logging back into BC Bid, the BC Bid Terms and Conditions will need to be accepted.

a. Review the General Terms of Use.

b. Click the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox. 

c. Click Acknowledge.

Supplier Dashboard

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7. The Supplier Dashboard will be displayed.

a. The Supplier Status area will indicate that further action is required.

8. Click Company Profile.

complete registration

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9. Confirm Company and Address information, make any necessary updates.

a.    When completing the Legal Structure drop-down, see Appendix 6 for guidance on the selection.

Note: If you have an existing BC Bid subscription, complete the Transfer a Subscription steps within the Transfer an existing subscription section. 

10. Click the green Complete Account Registration. This confirms the account information with BC Bid

a. In the dialog box, click OK to submit the form.

11. The BC Bid Help Desk will review and approve the Company account. An email confirmation will be sent once complete

Supplier Dashboard, enrollment status

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12. Until the Help Desk reviews the account registration, the Supplier Status will remain in the Enrollment Review status.

a. Suppliers can still search for opportunities, subscribe to notifications or e-Bidding and submit e-Bid responses while the account registration is awaiting review.

Supplier Dashboard, enrollment status, active supplier

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13. Once the Account Registration is confirmed by the BC Bid Help Desk, the Supplier Status area on the Supplier Dashboard will show all steps as complete.


Supplier Registration

This section outlines how an individual user registers their BC Bid account as part of a larger organization. This can only be done after the larger organization has created and registered the user’s BCeID with the company’s BC Bid account.

BC Bid login

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1. Log in with the Business BCeID User ID and Password created by the Account/Profile Manager in the BCeID application from the Add Additional Users step.

2. Click Continue

See Appendix 4 for information on Additional User responsibilities.

Note: To get a Business BCeID linked to the organization have the BCeID Account Manager complete the Add Additional Users step in the Supplier Account Management Guide.

BCeID terms of use

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3. When logging into BC Bid, the BCeID Terms and Conditions will need to be accepted.

a. Review the terms.
b. Click the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox.
c. Click Continue.

If the BCeID is an existing account, the next steps have likely been completed, go to step 8.

4. Set up the BCeID password reset questions.

a. Click Continue

5. On the Password Details Processing page.

a. Click Continue.

6. Complete the BCeID password change.

a. Click Continue.

7. On the Password Changed page.

a. Click Continue.

additional user registration

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8. Confirm the Company Information and Contact Information. The information is imported from BCeID. Update the information as needed.
a. Complete the Position field.
b. Click Register.

registration confirmation

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9. A confirmation screen of the registration will be displayed.

10. The Supplier Admin for the company will need to activate the account in BC Bid. The Supplier Admin will receive an email stating that there is an account for activation.

11. Once approved by the Supplier Admin, an email will be sent with further instructions. 

If users log in before the Supplier Admin activates the account, they will receive an Access Denied message. The Supplier Admin will need to follow the Approve Additional Users step.

login to BC Bid

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12. Once approved by the BC Bid Supplier Admin, log in to BC Bid with BCeID and password.

a. Click Continue

If an Access Denied message is seen when logging in, check that the account has been activated by the Supplier Admin.

accept the BC Bid terms of use

13. Review and accept the BC Bid terms of use.

a. Click the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox.

b. Click Acknowledge.
supplier dashboard

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14. The Supplier Dashboard will be displayed.