Register to post on BC Bid

Any B.C. government or a publicly funded broader public sector organization (e.g. city, town, regional district, health authority, school district or university) is eligible to post their opportunities on BC Bid.

To post an opportunity on BC Bid, the first step is to create a profile in BC Bid through a registration process (if the account already exists, log on to Post Opportunities).  It usually takes a few hours for the BC Bid Help Desk to complete the registration and respond by email.

1. Go to the BC Bid homepage.

2. Click on Public Sector buyer registration in the upper right-hand area, under the “Start Your eService” heading.

BC Bid register link for public sector buyers

3. Enter the registration details (name and contact information, organization, address) into the online form and click Submit at the bottom.

BC Bid Public Sector User registration screen

The BC Bid Help Desk will be automatically notified that a completed registration form has been submitted.  The help desk will determine from the information in the registration request whether or not the applicant is eligible to post on BC Bid.  If the applying organization is not eligible, or if more information is required before making that determination, the help desk will contact the person named on the registration form.

Note: Some government organizations review account requests before approving; the BC Bid Help Desk follows the process in place for these organizations. The approval step can affect the turnaround time to complete the registration process.

The BC Bid Help Desk will be in touch via email when the new account is ready, usually within a few hours if the information is complete (and approved, if required). The email will confirm the logon details, explain how to access BC Bid and include a guide to help with posting opportunities.

Next Step:  2. Prepare Opportunity Documents

Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page. For additional assistance, contact the BC Bid Help Desk by email or telephone at 250-387-7301.