Post unverified bid results

Unverified Bid Results can be posted on BC Bid at the issuing government entity's discretion.  Unverified Bid Results are a list of all bidders / proponents / respondents and (optionally) their total price, similar to the information disclosed at a public tender opening.

Information in Unverified Bid Results has not been scrutinized and is provided prior to determining compliancy or completing any evaluation process.

Unverified Bid Results are often used for construction opportunities,  (see How to Buy Construction) but some government organizations choose to post results for all opportunities.  Since including the total bid price is optional, the Unified Bid Results can simply be a list of all bidders/proponents/respondents who delivered a submission.

The following information is required before posting Unverified Bid Results:

  • The submissions for the applicable opportunity, or a list of bidder/proponent / respondent names
  • Total bid prices if this information is to be included
  • Any additional information that may add clarification, such as “partial bid”

Following is a description of the steps required to post Unverified Bid Results:

1. Log into BC Bid with the username and password.

2. Click My Documents in the left-hand menu, then Document Search.  The default is to find documents by person; if someone else posted the opportunity, change the "Find By" option to "Find By Document Number" and enter all or part of the opportunity number

3. Click the Search button.

4. Scroll down to view the search results; click onto the document number to open the opportunity (if there were previous amendments, click onto the latest amendment).

5. Choose Unverified Bid Results in the left-hand menu of the opportunity notice.

6. Enter the unverified bid result information for one submission and click Update to save; continue to add information from all submissions.  The list will be in the order of entry.

When entering the dollar amount, enter only numbers and a decimal point if there are no cents.  Do not include commas or dollar signs.

The eBid checkbox is optional for internal use only; it will not display publicly.

To delete a submission from the list, remove the company name (highlight/delete) and click Update.  If deleting more than one submission from the list, click Update after each one.

Unverified Bid Results on BC Bid

7. Click Preview and then Publish to post the results on BC Bid.

Next Step:  7. Post a Contract Award Summary

Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page. For additional assistance, contact the BC Bid Help Desk by email or telephone at 250-387-7301.