General interface for new BC Bid

This section describes some general BC Bid interface and functionality.

Browser Types

We recommended using Google Chrome. Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers have also been tested with BC Bid.

If using Firefox, note that some pop-up messages will include an option to hide further pop-ups. Toggling this to 'yes, hide future pop-ups/notifications' will limit the users ability to complete workflows. BC Bid is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Showing a Firefox optional pop up that users should not click

Expand/Collapse Menu

Showing expand and collapse toggles

  1. The left-hand menu can be expanded or collapsed by selecting the double arrow. When collapsed the icon related to each step is visible, hover over the icon to see the name.
  2. Expanded view.
  3. Filters on tables can be expanded by clicking the funnel icon.
  4. Expanded.
  5. Click pin icon to keep open.

Search Commodity Codes

In the Commodity Code search pop-up (only), the search is first match not best match. First match relates to close spelling as you progress down the alphanumeric tree, whereas best match considers context. Alternatively, searching in the Commodities drop-down produces a best match result. 

Note that when there is an active search, the commodity code selector sticks to the search results. Be sure to reset the search to allow you to expand the selection you want. You can also update your search to include results with terms in that specific tree.

For more details, please see the Commodity Codes video.

Adding files

Showing how to drag files from desktop into application

i. Select the document to upload.

ii. Click Open.

iii. Alternatively, open Windows Explorer and drag the file to the Click or Drag to add files button.

File Size and File Formats

File uploads are limited to 500 MB per file. File types include common business application file types. There are an unlimited number of attachments.

Text Fields Editing Toolbar

Showing the text field editing toolbar

Most text fields in the application allow for the entry of rich text using the editor or What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) toolbar. Only some of the buttons on this toolbar are operational. 
Copy/Paste: Use CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for paste instead of mouse-click (right-click).
Also note that pasting in a bulleted list from an external document may not work as expected. Copy in an un-bulleted list of text, select these rows of text, and then click the Bulleted List icon in the toolbar.  


Close to Save Using “X” 

In many instances throughout BC Bid, you will make selections in a dialog box. In cases where you do not see a Save & Close button, click the “X” at the top-right of the dialog box, the application saves your entry.