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Order Certificates & Copies or Extracts

The Vital Statistics Agency provides a variety of application methods to make applying for certificates and certified registration copies/extracts accessible to all British Columbians.

Each method of application is discussed briefly below. See the Fee Schedule at the bottom of this page for the cost of documents and services.

Order Online

Ordering online with a credit card is the quickest and simplest way to order documents. You can apply for birth, marriage, and death certificates. Register the birth of your child or the location of your will. Pay using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

Note: Before applying for a certificate or certified copy of a registration to support an application such as Passport, or Driver’s Licence, check with that organization to ensure you obtain the correct document. For instance, Passport Canada requires parents to provide a birth certificate listing the parents’ names of children aged 15 years or younger.

Order by Telephone

Call toll-free 1 888 876-1633 in British Columbia or 250 952-2557 in Victoria or outside of B.C. to order certificates by telephone with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

Order by Mail

You can fill out and print applications for certificates if you prefer to apply by mail and pay with a money order, cheque, or credit card information. Mail applications to:

Vital Statistics Agency
Victoria BC V8W 9P3

Processing Times

Documents are printed in Victoria and delivered by mail or courier depending upon your request.

If you request regular service with mail delivery:

  • Certificates print within 2 to 5 business days (Cost $27)
  • Certified photocopies or extracts print within 20 business days (Cost $50)

To estimate the time it will take to receive your certificate, add the usual number of days for mailing an item from Victoria to your address to the time listed above. See for information about mailing service.

If you request courier delivery: 

Certificates, certified photocopies, and certified extracts print on the business day following the day that we receive your request. The cost for couriered items is $60.

If we are unable to produce the requested document due to missing or incorrect information, we will attempt to contact the applicant by telephone in an attempt to resolve the processing issue. Delivery is made through Canada Post Priority Courier Delivery.

  • There is no delivery on weekends or holidays.
  • All courier deliveries require a signature for receipt. If a signature cannot be obtained, a Delivery Notice is left with instructions for pickup at your local post office.
  • Identification must be provided by the applicant before the post office will release the document.
  • Delivery will not be attempted to the following residence types: rather a Delivery Notice is left:
    • Apartment Complexes
    • Homes using Super Box Mailboxes
    • Basement suites

Fee Schedule

Vital Statistics Act

1) Certificate of Birth, Death and Marriage* $27.00
2) Certified Copy or Certified Extract of a Birth, Death or Marriage Registration* $50.00
3) Search of Records - each three-year period $27.00
4) Changes to Registration (Corrections, not including certificate) $27.00

Marriage Act

1) Marriage Licence and large certificate** $100.00
2) Civil Marriage (subject to G.S.T.)*** $75.00

Name Act

1) Change of Name (includes one large certificate)
Each additional individual under 19 years of age included on an adult application


2) Criminal Record Check Fee for each applicant 18+ years of age levied on behalf of the RCMP.

(You may also be subject to a fingerprinting charge by your local police department.)

3) Change of Name Certificate* $27.00
4) Certified Copies or Certified Extracts of Documents $50.00

Wills Act

1) Wills Notice - Register, Change or Revoke $17.00
2) Wills Search**** $20.00
3) Request for Search of Alias Names (per alias) $5.00
4) BC Online Handling Fee for Wills (subject to G.S.T.) $1.50


1) Genealogy Certified Registration Copy and/or extended Search $50.00
2) Commemorative Birth Certificate $50.00


1) Witnessing of signature for Vital Statistics documents $17.00
2) Certification of documents for Vital Statistics purposes $17.00
3) Cheques returned for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00

* If courier delivery is requested, the fee is $60.

** A large marriage certificate will be issued at no additional charge after the event is registered.

*** Marriage Commissioners are authorized to charge the following fees for solemnizing a marriage:

Base Civil Ceremony Fee $75.00
GST $3.75
Total *$78.75

Additional Fees:

  • $25 per hour for time spent preparing and performing the ceremony, rehearsal, and travel time. (Additional fees apply only to time over and above one hour which is included in the base ceremony fee.)
  • Mileage: $0.52 per kilometre.
  • Parking or ferry (if applicable)

* The base civil ceremony fee of $78.75 applies to civil marriage ceremonies which are organized and performed within one hour.

**** An additional charge of $33.00 will be made for a Wills Search application requested and provided by Courier Service.