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School Planning Councils

School planning councils are advisory bodies that formalize the role of parents in developing plans to improve student achievement in all schools in B.C. Their major responsibility is to develop, monitor and review school plans for student achievement in consultation with the school community.

School plans are part of a provincial accountability framework to improve student results. Plans developed by school planning councils inform district achievement contracts, Aboriginal enhancement agreements and the Ministry of Education district review process. These processes collect and analyze information related to student achievement, develop and implement plans for improvement, review results and communicate with the public.

The Mandate

The school planning council must meet the requirements outlined in the School Act:

"By a date set by the board, a school planning council must prepare and submit to the board a school plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement and other matters contained in the board's achievement contract relating to that school." 8.3(2)

"A school planning council must consult with the parents' advisory council during the preparation of the school plan." 8.3(3)


The school planning council consists of:

  • the school principal,
  • one teacher representative from the teaching staff, elected by secret ballot,
  • three representatives from the school's parent advisory council, all elected by secret ballot for one-year renewable terms, one of whom is an elected officer of the parent advisory council, and
  • one student from Grade 10, 11 or 12, where applicable, appointed annually by the school principal after consultation with the students enrolled in those grades at the school.

Each council member reports to their own community. For example, the teacher representative should communicate actively with teaching staff, while the school parent advisory council representatives report to the wider parent community.

School Planning Cycle