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Royal BC Museum

Plan a visit to the Royal BC Museum, B.C.'s largest museum, and catch the First Peoples Gallery, the Natural History Gallery and many more exciting exhibits.


Find everything you need to know about visiting Super, Natural British Columbia.

About B.C.

Breathtaking scenery; diverse geographic regions and climates; a rich multi-cultural history; a dynamic arts & culture scene; and plenty of opportunities for recreation and leisure.  These are just some of the reasons why B.C. is a wonderful place to live and travel in.  Learn more about B.C. and the opportunities that await you.

Geography & Demographics

B.C., Canada's westernmost province, is a land of diverse terrains and rich history. Learn about our people, our regions and our culture.

    Immigrating to B.C.

    Looking for information about moving to B.C.? Learn about our province and about life in B.C. Find the information you need to get a job, to study at a post-secondary institution or to learn English through one of our English as a Second Language programs.


      Coming to B.C. or travelling to a new part of the province? B.C. has so much to offer - from adventurous excursions to luxurious getaways. There's something here for everyone.

        Recreation & the Outdoors

        B.C. is a great place to play. British Columbians are active and take full advantage of our great outdoors. Get involved in the full range of sports and recreational activities that B.C. has to offer.

          Arts, Culture and History

          B.C.’s arts and culture scene is rich and diverse.  Discover our museums, local artists and art galleries, historic sites, libraries, theatres, dancers, films, musicians and authors.