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Handle with care.

Environmental awareness is a growing part of B.C. culture. The care and stewardship of our natural resources is a responsibility that we’re taking seriously. While we strive to be leaders in this regard, we also know there’s room for improvement, too. Explore what our environment has to offer.

Climate Change

Years of pollution produced by humans is causing unprecedented changes to the environment including global warming. This has caused the whole world’s climate to change which leads to things like melting glaciers and stronger storms. 

Outdoor Recreation

Get inspired by the province’s natural beauty and make plans for your next outdoor adventure. Take advantage of the many recreation opportunities available across the diverse landscape of mountains, rivers, lakes and coastlines.

Waste Management

B.C. is proud to be a leader in sustainable environmental management – with air and water quality that ranks among the highest in the world. Effective waste management procedures and solutions contribute a great deal to preserving our environment.

Plants & Animals

Human interactions with wildlife and the environment can have lasting impacts. Responsible decision making and positive action on our part will help protect B.C. wildlife and their home.

Air, Land, & Water

All living things depend on air and water to survive. Caring for our environment includes keeping our air and water supply fresh, clean and healthy.

Research, Monitoring & Reporting

Sharing key scientific and technical information is an important part of monitoring and managing our natural resources.