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Healthy Families BC

Healthy Families BC will give you the knowledge and skills to help keep your family healthy. Access articles and tools to improve your healthy living knowledge. Read the blog and join the conversation. Find out about programs in your community, schools, and workplaces.

Mind Check

Mental health challenges can be difficult to talk about or accept. Learn about the signs of mental distress and find resources that will help you or those close to you develop skills and strategies to address these issues.

HealthLink BC

Despite our best efforts to stay healthy, we all get sick from time to time. Access information about common health concerns, medical tests, medications and public health alerts and find health services and resources in your community.

AMBER Alert Program

The AMBER Alert Program is a province-wide partnership that broadcasts descriptions of abducted victims, their abductors and suspect vehicles through a variety of media sources. Learn how the program works and how you can help.

Sign up for wireless AMBER Alerts.

Health & Safety

Being healthy and staying safe in your community requires access to top-notch information sources and services. Learn about the ways you and your family can get healthy, maintain your physical and mental health and stay safe.

Health Services

Health care is a top priority in B.C. which is why we offer a range of excellent health services. Connect with a health care practitioner, check symptoms online, find a family doctor or a hospital and access meaningful health information.

    Health Insurance

    B.C. offers health insurance and prescription coverage for residents.  In order to ensure that all B.C. residents can receive care, enrol with the Medical Service Plan (MSP) today.  The following explains how health insurance and health benefits work in B.C.

      Healthy Families

      From finding a family doctor, to being active, to ensuring your family gets the right nutrition for any age and stage of life, the following resources will help you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle.

        Healthy Living

        Want to become more active, quit smoking or eat better?  These programs and resources will help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 

          Living Safely

          Keeping B.C. communities and residents safe is important. Learn about fire safety, police services, crime prevention, food safety and more.

            Consumer Information

            Inform yourself as a customer or as a business owner in order to make better decisions and protect yourself.  The following information will help you stay on top of issues that affect consumers and businesses.

              B.C.'s Justice System

              Learn about B.C.’s legal system, courts, family-related supports and more.

                Home & Community Care

                Publicly subsidized home and community care services provide a range of health care and support services for people who have acute, chronic, palliative or rehabilitative health care needs.