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Get Around B.C.

B.C.’s residents and tourists are fortunate to be surrounded by spectacular scenery. Using public transportation is one thing we can do to help preserve our environment so that future generations will also be able to enjoy our great outdoors. 

TransLink provides you with up to the minute public transportation routes and schedules for the Lower Mainland including bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and the West Coast Express.

BC Transit provides the same information for buses outside of the Lower Mainland.


Residents come first in B.C. This is reflected in the wide array of information and services available to residents. In fact, our province celebrates the diversity of its citizens and works hard to meet everyone's needs and help make life a little easier.


Access valuable resources and services designed to help you lead a better, happier and more fulfilled life. Find information tailored specifically to the needs of individuals and families alike.


B.C. is a great place to live. If you're looking to buy, rent, build, sell or maintain a home, the following information will help answer your questions.

Taxes & Rebates

As a resident of B.C., you pay taxes when you purchase goods and services.

Vital Statistics

B.C.'s Vital Statistics Agency registers all births, adoptions, marriages, deaths and changes of name that occur in British Columbia. The certificates issued by the Vital Statistics Agency are legal proof of these vital events.

Justice & Public Safety

Justice, public safety and emergency services are key to making British Columbia a safe, secure and resilient place to live. Find out more below.

Daily Life

Our day-to-day activites not only shape our lifestyles, but also have environmental and wildlife impacts. Read about our programs and initiatives related to protecting our environment while supporting our natural resource-driven economy.  Plus, learn how you can make green choices that help you save money at home, at work and on the road.  Be part of the solution.

Culture, Sports & Recreation

B.C. is a great place to actively be involved in rich and diverse arts and culture scenes as well as taking advantage of its great outdoors, range of sports and recreational activities.


Planning a trip? Need help getting from point A to point B? These resources will help you get there safe and sound.