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Tax Information for Individuals

Looking for tax information for individuals and not businesses?  See the Taxes & Rebates section under Residents.

Provincial Budget Tax Changes

Learn about the tax changes announced in the Provincial Budget.

Taxes & Rebates

As a business owner or tax professional, there are a number of taxes, rules, regulations and exemptions that you’ll need to understand to run your business or to help your clients run their business properly and effectively.

Read about the different kinds of taxes and learn all about the audit and appeal process.

Property Taxes

You pay property taxes when you own, lease or gain an interest in a property.

Natural Resource Taxes, Royalties & Fees

Taxes, royalties and fees are charged when you extract natural resources, harvest timber or own mineral rights in B.C.


An audit is an examination of your business’ financial records to ensure that you're charging and paying tax that is due, and to identify any areas where you may be doing this incorrectly. In the case of International Business Activity audits, an audit may be done to ensure registrations and refunds under the program have been applied correctly.


Appeals can be made in tax matters related to notices of assessments, denied refund claims, determinations and decisions on the issuance, suspension and cancellation of permits. You can appeal a decision that has been made by the ministry provided that the legislation allows for appeals.

B.C. Provincial Budget Tax Changes

On February 18, 2014, the government announced proposed changes to the provincial tax laws.