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Small Business Accord

Learn how the small business community is providing guidance to government to develop the proper tools and supports for small businesses in B.C.


B.C. is committed to supporting business and investing and has developed numerous valuable resources for business owners and investors at various stages in their endeavours. Learn about these resources and how you can make the most out of your opportunities.

Business Management

Thinking of starting a business but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're already a business owner and looking for opportunities for growth.  Regardless of your stage in business, the following will help guide you in the right direction.

Construction Industry

The construction industry has a major impact on the growth and strength of the province. This industry has literally built B.C. – everything from homes and office buildings, to roads and bridges. Every project is a tribute to the skilled workers who built it.

Natural Resource Industries

Natural resources found in the environment play a large part in B.C.’s economy. Business and industry sectors are able to use these resources to generate income and create jobs. However, the extraction of raw materials must be done in a responsible and sustainable way – ensuring that resources will be available for future generations.

Land & Water Use

B.C. is comprised of 94% provincial Crown land, 1% federal Crown land and 5% private land. Learn more about these different land types and appropriate uses for them.

Service Industries

Businesses can typically be divided into two broad categories – ones that produce goods and others that provide services. Companies within the service industry provide services in areas like communications, retail, transport, food, health and wellness, tourism, utilities, professional services and banking.

Taxes & Rebates

As a business owner or tax professional, there are a number of taxes, rules, regulations and exemptions that you’ll need to understand to run your business or to help your clients run their business properly and effectively.

Read about the different kinds of taxes and learn all about the audit and appeal process.


Moving people, goods and services is vital to the economy and the safety of the travelling public. If you operate a commercial vehicle, design or build highway infrastructure, you are doing business with the province. Find out about permits, guidelines, standards, and opportunities in construction and maintenance of the transportation system.

Economic Development

Economic growth and diversification benefits regions, communities, industries and families across B.C. Use tools and resources and connect with services to support job creation and growth.