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Open Government Around the World

Learn about the Open Government Partnership and see what other governments are doing to promote openness and transparency.

Open Government

The B.C. Government is changing how it interacts with B.C. citizens. We are committed to publishing government data and information and we are working hard to improve your online interactions with government. Search for, use and request government data. Learn about open info and browse government information. Find out how our websites and other online applications are changing and why.

Open Information

As representatives of B.C. citizens and as stewards of public funds, it's important that public officials be responsible in the way that they conduct government business and in their use of these funds. Open information is one of the ways that the government is ensuring openness and transparency in its operations. 

Open Data

The B.C. Government creates large amounts of data about the province and its residents and businesses. This data is used by the government to inform policy decisions and to improve government services. Now you can access this same information to help you make informed decisions, inspire change or develop ideas to improve government policies.

    CMS Lite Manual

    CMS Lite is a web-based, graphical user interface (GUI) designed to work in conjunction with the government Content Management System (CMS); capitalizing on its robust features while reducing the complexity of managing content.