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Farmers' Markets

With the arrival of summer comes many local farmers' markets. These are great way to shop local and reduce your carbon footprint while finding some of the freshest and most flavourful food out there. Find a farmers' market near you.

Tsunami Debris

Find out what you should do if you find debris linked to the Japanese tsunami.

Get answers to frequently asked questions (PDF).

Useful Contacts

Report known or suspected violations of fisheries, wildlife, or environmental protection laws.


Daily Life

Our day-to-day activites not only shape our lifestyles, but also have environmental and wildlife impacts. Read about our programs and initiatives related to protecting our environment while supporting our natural resource-driven economy.  Plus, learn how you can make green choices that help you save money at home, at work and on the road.  Be part of the solution.

Environmental Protection

Water Use

Water is one of our most valuable resources – essential to sustaining life and a healthy environment. Municipal or residential use of water significantly impacts the overall water supply and its quality.

    Better Internet

    Internet connectivity plays a vital role in staying connected with the rest of the world, getting an education, going to work and communicating with family. Find out how B.C. plans to provide high-speed Internet access for everyone.