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Francophone Affairs Program


The Government of B.C. established the Francophone Affairs Program in 2001. Working with the francophone community in B.C. and the federal government, the Government of B.C. continues to increase its capacity as a province to help the community grow.

The provincial government has created a web-friendly map to help French-speakers find a wide range of services available in B.C. Click on the butterfly to access the map and find French services in the early childhood, education, economy and health sectors.


Message from Norm Letnick   
Minister of Agriculture   
Responsible of Intergovernmental Affairs and for the Francophone file

British Columbia’s Francophonie

As part of my responsibilities as Responsible of Intergovernmental Affairs and for the Francophone file, I look forward to working with our francophone community in BC.

Over the years, as a member of the legislative assembly, I had the opportunity to participate in various francophone events. Now I am eager to learn more about British Columbia’s francophone and francophiles, and their contribution to our province’s economic, cultural, political and social fabric.

British Columbia and Canada have a long-standing relationship to improve access to programs and services for French-speaking British Columbians. Our government’s goal is to support the development and delivery of French services for our residents. We are also exploring various initiatives to enhance the vitality of French language and culture in BC.

So far this year, we have partnered with:

• The City of Osoyoos for the hosting of Slow Food Canada.
• The Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development for Le Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois in Victoria and Nanaimo.
• The Regional District of Nanaimo for the purchase of French Library Material at the Nanaimo Public Library.
• The City of Victoria for the Project: Victoria Celebrates Canada Day – Francophone Headline show at 7:15 pm July 1st on the main stage in the Inner Harbour. The invited artist was Caracol.
• The Provincial Capital Commission for the planning and delivery of Victoria’s Francophone Heritage Guided Tours at St. Ann’s Academy.
• The Ministry of Health for the French translation and printing of Elder Abuse Prevention Kits.
• The Ministry of Justice for the French legal terminology training for bilingual Crown Counsel.
• The Provincial Language Service to support a Francophone Services Coordinator/Francophone Services program’s position.
• The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation for two bilingual social support worker positions, in Vancouver and Surrey, to work with Francophone persons who are homeless or who are at risk.

I congratulate our francophone organizations for their accomplishments. I recognize that successful undertakings require teamwork and collaboration, and I assure you that the BC government will continue to collaborate with municipal and federal governments, as well as our community stakeholders, to promote our francophone heritage.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas on how we can best serve our French-speaking citizens. I hope we can foster an open and dynamic francophone community that will continue to grow with our province.



Norm Letnick

Federal-Provincial Partnership

The activities of the B.C. Francophone Affairs Program are supported through the Canada – British Columbia Official languages Agreement on French-Languages Services 2013-2014 to 2017-2018.

In conjunction with the Agreement, the Francophone Affairs Program has developed a Strategic Plan that includes objectives and priorities relevant to B.C.’s French speaking community, and were identified as part of the a consultation process.

The agreement focuses provincial activities in a number of priority areas:

  • Health and Social Services
  • Economic Development
  • Justice
  • Arts and Culture
  • Communication

For more information on the Francophone Affairs Program, please consult the 2013 – 2014 Annual Report (PDF).

If you wish to contact the Francophone Affairs Program staff, please e-mail us at We will gladly serve you in French or English.


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