Weigh2GoBC for B.C. Based Carriers

There are three steps to participating in Weigh2GoBC.

  1. Register for a business-level BCeID
  2. Apply to join Weigh2GoBC
  3. Register your equipment

After you have joined, keep all your information up-to-date. This will help your drivers “get the green light.”

Register for a BCeID

To get a BCeID:

Make sure you’re authorized to register the carrier company for a BCeID and be prepared to give your contact name, email and phone number.

You’ll also need to provide the following carrier information:

  • Registration with B.C. Registry Services
  • Incorporation number
  • Official business name
  • 'Doing business as' name, if different
  • Contact information

Apply to Join Weigh2GoBC

You’ll need your BCeID, user name and password to join Weigh2GoBC.

You’ll also need to provide the following carrier information:

  • National Safety Code (NSC)
  • Official business name
  • 'Doing business-as' name, if different
  • Company contact information

Your application will be reviewed within five business days. If approved, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to register your equipment.

Register Your Equipment

You’ll need to provide:

Your transponder will be activated within 24 hours after you register your equipment.  

Remember to update us with any changes to your information, equipment or vehicles.

If you have a USDOT number and IRP account and you would like your equipment registered in Washington State’s CVISN program, please check the box on your Weigh2GoBC account home page.

Log in to Weigh2GoBC

Log in to Weigh2GoBC

Already registered? Maintain the information in your Weigh2GoBC account and "get the green light."

Log in to the Weigh2GoBC system to:

  • Register a truck and transponder
  • Search registrations
  • Search encounters
  • Run your fleet's savings reports
  • Update contact and vehicle information

Join Weigh2GoBC

Weigh2GoBC Inspection Stations

Contact Information

Contact us if you have questions about Weigh2GoBC.

Login to Weigh2GoBC to update contact and vehicle information.

Telephone: 250 953-4001
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