Highway 16 - Mile 28 - Daumont Level Crossing

Mile 28 Level Rail Crossing is the last level rail crossing on Highway 16 from Prince Rupert to the Alberta border. Removing it will significantly improve highway efficiency and safety for residents, tourists, and industrial traffic in the region.

Flyover animation

Flyover animation showing the completed project, based on 50% design in July 2016


  • Replacing current level crossing with new 120 m long road bridge over the rail tracks
  • Realignment of 1.9 km of Highway 16 with improvements to a 100 km/hr design speed
  • Improving highway width to modern standards with wider driving lanes and shoulders
  • Significant rock bolting to minimize rock fall hazards in the future

Project cost:
$37 million ($17.5 million from the Federal Government and $19.5 million from the Provincial Government)

Design is complete, tender will be in late January 2017.

Project Benefits

  • Enhanced safety for all users of Highway 16 corridor by replacing the last level rail crossing between Prince Rupert and Alberta with a bridge overhead
  • Removal of S-curve crossing eliminates need for slowing of traffic to 40km/hr to safely cross. Posted speed along the new alignment will be 100km/hr
  • Separating the Highway 16 and CN Rail corridors by realigning this section of Highway 16 greatly improves safety by reducing rail and road traffic conflicts
  • Improved snow storage reduces chance of heavy snow events closing this section of Highway 16, and reduces maintenance challenges
  • Minimal environmental impact, and in some areas, improvements are being made


  • Construction beginning in spring 2017
  • Public consultation ongoing
  • First Nation consultation ongoing
  • Utility coordination ongoing
  • Scheduled completion, summer 2019

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Contact Information

For specific information about this project, please contact the district office:

Telephone: 250-615-3970
4825 Keith Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 1K7
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