B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit and Vision Zero

The origin of the B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit was a 2015 survey of British Columbia municipalities by the Safe Roads and Communities Working Committee, one of the five working committees of the B.C. Road Safety Strategy. The survey gathered information about road safety from British Columbia’s communities. It found that many municipalities wanted more knowledge on road safety planning, safety designs, and strategies.

The B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit is an easily-accessible and electronically-searchable knowledge source about road safety designs and strategies that local governments can implement to improve road safety outcomes. At the same time, the knowledge in the toolkit is intended for all agencies with a mandate related to road safety.

B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit

Module 1 - Protecting people who walk and cycle (PDF)

Resource Kit and Acknowledgements for Module 1 (PDF)

Further modules to be added as they become available.

The B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit and Vision Zero brand is intended to bring together B.C.'s road safety partners, and the work that they do, under a single vision and theme. 

Please see the Vision Zero logo versions (PDF).  If your organization is interested in using the B.C. Vision Zero logo, please complete the Application for Third Party use of Vision Zero logo (PDF) and submit it for approval for use.

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