Requesting a Review to Reconsider a Driver Medical Fitness Decision

If a driver’s medical condition changes or improves, the driver may request a review of a driver medical fitness decision that denies, cancels or places restrictions on their driver’s licence. Driver Medical Fitness reviews are conducted by Adjudicators or Case Managers (Registered Nurses) and there is no fee associated with a review. The specific information required to initiate a review is outlined in the decision letter sent to the driver. Most often, new medical information indicating an improvement in medical condition is required. Drivers should respond to the specific information request set out in the letter sent to them by RoadSafetyBC.

RoadSafetyBC will send the driver a letter setting out the outcome of the review.  Under the Motor Vehicle Act, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their address is current.

Urgent Cancellation Reconsideration:

Urgent Cancellation is an immediate cancellation of driving privileges based upon current, reliable information of an urgent medical issue and an urgent road safety risk. Drivers have 21 days from the date of the cancellation letter to request a reconsideration of the cancellation decision. Urgent cancellation reconsideration requests are treated as a priority. There are no extensions granted for reconsideration requests. Details regarding the reconsideration process are outlined in letters to drivers.

The Urgent Licence Reviews and Reconsiderations fact sheet (PDF) provides further information on this reconsideration process.

Review and Reconsideration submissions may be faxed to: (250) 952-6888 or mailed to:

P O BOX 9254

Driver Medical Fitness review decisions are final and binding. Drivers may seek independent legal advice, at their own expense, if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of a Driver Medical Fitness review.