Home Owner Grant

The home owner grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence.

The grant is available to homeowners that pay property taxes to a municipality or to the province if they live in a rural area. If you pay your property taxes to a First Nations, contact the First Nations directly.

You may qualify as a homeowner who is:

Apply as a Building or Land Owner

If you have eligible occupants living in your building or on your land, you can work together to apply for the multiple home owner grant (for Land Cooperatives and Multi Dwelling Leased Parcels only).


Grant applications are audited for up to 7 years to make sure taxpayers are eligible for the grants they receive.

Notice of Disentitlement

If you have received a Notice of Disentitlement, find out how to pay your outstanding balance.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about the home owner grant, contact your municipality or the province if your property is in a rural area.

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